What we do

At Hygienic Fog Australia, we cater to the specific needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Our disinfecting and sanitisation process uses hygienic fog which is highly effective at killing germs and bacteria. The fog’s nanoparticles (very small particles) are able to penetrate an extensive surface area including ceilings, walls, furniture and floors.


Essential part of any thorough vacate clean Essential step in sanitsing an area following a contamination e.g. gastro, COVID-19


Set your business apart from the others by scheduling regular fogging services

- Aged care
- Hospitals
- Hospitality venues
- Apartment complexes
- Workplaces





The hygienic fog forms a long lasting, invisible barrier which defends surfaces against the toughest of bacteria and germs, including superbugs, continually for up to 24 hours on high touch surfaces and for up to 30 days on low touch surfaces.

How can we help?

Our team is happy to listen to your requirements, we strive to help, always looking for ways to improve the way people face health in their living environments. Contact our team of experts for an obligation free consultation.