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Hygienic Fog Australia PL was founded by Sam Contarino. Combining many successful years as a business owner/operator in the hospitality and professional cleaning industries and decades in residential and commercial real estate, Sam identified a hole in their respective industries that needed filling. 

How can hard to reach spaces be disinfected in a quick & thorough way that traditional cleaning practices cannot match or offer?  Fogging disinfectant was the answer.   

Hygienic Fog Australia PL is to help keep people safe by providing the highest quality disinfecting and sanitisation at affordable prices.

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Coronavirus: New Norms For A Safe & Hygienic Virtual Office

Office buildings can create a safe and healthy workplace for workers and clients as long as they take some key protective measures. In-person meetings cannot simply disappear as they play a fundamental role in business by building trust and strengthening relationships.

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Our team is happy to listen to your requirements, we strive to help, always looking for ways to improve the way people face health in their living environments. 

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